When it comes to one of your most valuable assets, you can count on Trapper Joe’s to provide highly trained, licensed, and insured wildlife technicians.We recognize that successful wildlife removal and control takes more than just determination. It takes expertise. A new member to our team will work as an assistant to a senior wildlife technician for the first 3 to 6 months to assist, observe, and learn. During those months they study about the lifecycles and behavior patterns of the different wildlife species

that we remove from homes and business, and study the construction methods and details of building homes and businesses. We use written exams bi-monthly and reviews with their senior technician trainer to help them advance their knowledge in both areas. When they are capable, their trainer recommends their advancement to technician, and we have a team member that we are proud to send to serve you.

We support our technician’s expertise by providing them with every tool needed to perform their work. Whether it be low-tech tools like different types of light packages or high-tech tools like infrared motion detection cameras they have the right tools for every situation.

We have the best wildlife technicians; we have the best equipment; we have the best guarantee, and we treat your home or business as if it were our own.

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