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TAP Insulation

For replacement of soiled insulation, old worn-out insulation, or added additional insulation to save more on heating & cooling energy costs, we recommend TAP Insulation.

An EPA registered (#89140-1) general use pesticide, TAP insulation is the ideal product to decrease energy costs, reduce sound infiltration, and help rid a home of pests. Combining environmentally responsible borate-based pest control with cellulose insulation made from recycled paper is ideal for new and existing homes and commercial buildings.

The thing that sets TAP apart from other borate treated cellulose insulation is their patented formula that allows the borates to be bioavailable to insects, as well as their status as an EPA registered pesticide.


  • *EPA registered pesticide
  • *Controls Ants, Booklice, Centipedes, Crickets,Cockroaches, Darkling Beetles, Earwigs, Millipedes, Sow bugs, Silverfish, and Termites.
  • *Thermally Efficient _ provides year round energy savings with an R-value of 3.6 per inch
  • *Year round heating & cooling energy savings
  • *Acoustically Efficient – reduce sound transmission
  • *Fire-Resistant and Noncombustible
  • *”Green” pest management with 87% recycled content
  • *Limited, Lifetime Warranty


TAP is a “loose-fill”, cellulose insulation, so it is installed by being blown into attics, with specialized blowing equipment, on top of existing insulation, or to replace old, or soiled insulation.